Designed with simplicity in mind, these LED posters from Hire Intelligence are an easy way to deliver a LED message. They can be used as standalone, or connected to form a LED wall acting as a giant screen.

Check out these revolutionary LED Posters. They’re the epitome of simplicity and versatility, providing an effortless way to broadcast your message.

Whether used individually or linked together to craft a stunning LED wall, these posters transform any space into a vibrant canvas for your brand or key messages.

Setting up is a breeze – they run off a single 10-amp power plug, assemble quickly, and can instantly bring life to any stage or communal area. Their sleek, lightweight design and wheeled baseplate make them incredibly easy to move around. Plus, with wall and ceiling mounts available, the possibilities for displaying your content are endless.

Get ready for top-notch quality! These posters boast a 2mm pixel pitch, ensuring exceptional resolution. With a brightness exceeding 1000 nits, a lightning-fast refresh rate of >1920 Hz, and a 140-degree viewing angle, they’re engineered for maximum impact.

Imagine creating an unforgettable “wow factor” without the hefty investment and time-consuming calibration typically required for a full LED wall. Perfect for dazzling digital signage and dynamic e-posters in foyers or on stages.

Concerned about content dimensions? Fear not. Hire Intelligence’s account managers are there to guide you through ensuring your content fits flawlessly within your hired posters or wall.

Get ready to revolutionise the way you showcase your messages with these cutting-edge LED Posters – simplicity, power and impact bundled into one dynamic package!

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