Working Kind Collective and Impact Studios

Sydney (Show Map)

Once upon a time, in the heart of change and chaos that was 2020, Bambuddha Group – a social enterprise with a heart of gold – was on a mission to transform leadership and business through the power of kindness.

Through many successful coaching programs and impactful partnerships, the group uncovered a pressing need derived from the COVID-19 pandemic’s solitude, pervasive loneliness, silent struggles of mental health, and gaping void of support for grassroots initiatives fueled by kindness.

Bambuddha Group decided it was time for action, and the Working Kind Collective and Impact Studios was born. It envisioned a place where kindred spirits, likeminded souls and community-focused organisations could unite; a space where creativity flourishes, work meets play, and voices can be amplified for causes close to their hearts.

But they couldn’t do it alone. The group called upon the support of businesses, local heroes and the community. With their unwavering support and generous donations, Bambuddha Group transformed its vision into reality. Now, it stands as a solid pillar – a sanctuary for dreamers from all walks of life, regardless of culture, gender, sexuality or intersectionality.

Bambuddha Group’s story is one of belonging, of daring to be different, and of finding joy in the journey.

  • Cool Inner West Event Space
  • Stage with AV
  • Meeting & Training Rooms
  • Media Studios for Podcasting and Production
  • Socal & Environmental Impact