NSW (Show Map)

With the mantra of `Don't do normal', we boldly embrace those client briefs that get put into the too hard basket. Instead of placing the same acts that you always see, our preferred method is to take a tailored approach and work with you from the initial concept right through until the last guest leaves on event day.

Live music and DJs are our bread and butter but the niche we've carved is in engaging your audience in an interactive and innovative way. Be it getting techie with The Mash Machine or arty with Paint By Numbers your guests and delegates are at the centre of the fun.

With a team of musicians, DJs, an award winning radio show host and even a heavy metal drummer (!) we are across every genre from every era. Whilst pop music gets the job done, we will always try and find a musical angle that will meet your brief but also connect directly with your guests.

Contrary to popular belief, Sydney is very much open! We have worked for 15 years with bars and venues all over Sydney as a full service hospitality agency arranging their entertainment schedule, doing graphic design, social media and photography.

  • A vetted network of artists around Australia from Port Douglas around to Perth as well as Singapore and NZ
  • Confidence and clarity from us when your brief asks for 'something different'!
  • A calmly proficient team
  • Meticulous planning and attention to detail for a seamless experience
  • Worked for 15 years with bars and venues all over Sydney as a full-service hospitality agency