Be Challenged

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Since 2008, Be Challenged have specialised in workshops and programs designed to foster team cohesion, personal growth, skills, and job satisfaction. In that time, they have engaged with 500,000+ participants, ran 6,000+ programs for 2,000+ buzzing participants.

Be Challenged offer programs designed to have fun, enhance a conference or meeting, for learning and development and for students and staff in education. Be Challenged also offer a wide range of facilitated workshops tailored to an organisation’s outcomes.

Key outcomes that can be achieved when working with Be Challenged are improved relationships. communication between colleagues, enhancement of productive work environments by breaking down barriers and building confidence, emphasis on the value of a strength-based approach by encouraging participants to engage with our experiential programs, prioritisation of professional development and ongoing leadership development through engagement with our range of workshops.

  • Holistic organisational, conference or team offsite approach
  • Customised and tailored team building solutions for the event at hand
  • Over 35 years’ experience across 82 countries
  • Facilitators who get real and authentic with your team
  • We are serious about what we do, but we don’t take ourselves too seriously. Be Playful