This is what some of our advertisers and subscribers have to say about us:

Cheeky Food Group 14 Dec 2015

"It was VERY motivating, professionally run, great for team work and we learnt a lot about cooking and each other. The link to our corporate values into the event, went really well. I also received a wad of congratulations and thank you emails the next day. Overall I wanted to create something memorable and you nailed it."

Business Development Officer, NSW Parliamentary Catering03 Dec 2015

"A LIST Guide exceeded our expectations with their professionalism and high standards of customer service. Their connections were very helpful in assisting NSW Parliament House to lock-in attendees for our showcase events, exposing the business to valuable new customers and converted business. We will certainly keep them in mind for future eDM campaigns."

Event Cinemas 17 Oct 2014

"As an integral part of AHL, Event Cinemas is very focused on results driven marketing and achieving a good return on investment. A LIST Guide continues to provide great returns, in particular the A LIST Guide Showcase Event which delivered a fantastic result. Event Cinemas was extremely pleased with this initiative as it provided the perfect platform to showcase the large portfolio of products Event Cinemas has to offer. The Showcase provided the opportunity to engage directly with qualified event buyers and as a direct result a number of new business events were secured. Event Cinemas will be certainly rebooking an A LIST Guide Showcase Event for 2015."

SMA 22 Aug 2014

"SMA now in its 13th Year of business is always looking for better ways to raise the profile of our brand and product, keep up with market trends and achieve more exposure for our product. We have found the A LIST Guide and in particular the A LIST Guide Event Showcase a brilliant way of targeting a broader client database and these company's decision makers; and with sensational results! Ben Curtis and the team at A LIST Guide are passionate dedicated professionals, and with their guidance and expertise we were able to set a benchmark in how entertainment specific industry showcases are staged and produced in Australia. Partnering with several other well established brands, we have had amazing R.O.I directly related to our A LIST Guide Event Showcase and will be looking at staging something very similar in the future."

Melbourne Marriott 01 Aug 2014

"Thank you A LIST Guide for your great support!"

EPM 04 Jun 2013

"Just a quick word of sincere thanks for your unbelievably helpful and fast service to my call. I really appreciated your help and although I do not usually operate in Brisbane your swift response made it appear to my client that I had contacts everywhere....."

Events and Marketing Manager, Spring Food & Wine 23 May 2013

"Working with A LIST Guide has been simply put, nice and easy. Our dedicated manager has been organised and efficient and has ensured that we were able to make the most out of our advertising and event showcase. The caliber of the A LIST Guide guest list was high and has helped us reach new audiences and target exactly who we are looking for. The team at A LIST is exactly as their name suggests."

Event Director, McCorkell & Associates 25 May 2012

"I rely on A LIST Guide for a quick reference to new and exciting venues, theming and suppliers that can assist to make our events different from the norm."

Ernst & Young 24 May 2012

"In my busy roll as an Executive Assistant, I don't always have the luxury of time on my side for researching venues and suppliers when I'm asked to organise an event. Thankfully the A LIST Guide website takes all the "leg-work" out of organising an event. I've been using this website for the past 4-5 years and have found it to be an invaluable tool when it comes to looking for activities for team-building events, venues for client functions or internal off-site staff celebrations. The website is easy to navigate around, lists all the venue information you need and has direct links to supplier's websites and contact details. I can highly recommend A LIST Guide to anyone involved in organising events and functions."

The Groove Academy 12 Mar 2012

"As a supplier in the event industry, our entertainment agency constantly needs to promote our talent. A LIST Guide not only offers the perfect opportunity to advertise in THE industry bible, their monthly newsletter has also proven a huge success in attracting new business and more clients. Thank you A LIST Guide!"

PR Darling 05 Mar 2012

"I literally refer to A LIST Guide every day. Without it I wouldn't leave the office until midnight! It saves an incredible amount of time wading through the rubbish that a Google search brings up. Brilliant."

Vintage Photobooths 30 Jan 2012

"We love being involved with A LIST Guide. Thank you for all the work you do to supply us with such a great advertising tool."

Hutchinson Builders 11 Oct 2011

"You guys have a wonderful guide, I know I would be lost without it, so thank you very much."

Duck & Cover Band 04 Oct 2011

"Thanks for all your assistance with everything. It makes me feel like my investment with your company is worthwhile when I get the back line support from you."

Universal Bar 07 Sep 2011

"We are very happy with the service from both listings. Our conversion rate from you guys pays for itself very quickly."

Technology Park Adelaide 04 Aug 2011

"A LIST Guide - it is a total package! Put together well, fantastic presentation, informative, easy to use and we know that it works for us."

Brisbane Marriott Hotel 02 Aug 2011

"Thank you A LIST Guide, for your outstanding customer service!"

Fuji Xerox Australia 01 Aug 2011

"I wish to congratulate you on the A LIST Guide publication. I am delighted with the information within, not only on details of venues but the inclusion of caterers, corporate merchandise, transport and team-building, which will certainly guide me in organising corporate functions and events at Fuji Xerox."

Main Event Magazine 01 Aug 2011

"If you need an event venue and dread the hassle of ringing around, save yourself a lot of time and a headache and grab a copy of A LIST Guide."

SONY BMG Music Entertainment 01 Aug 2011

"The secrets of event management are out! One of the best event management teams in the industry have opened their address books to supply details of their best suppliers and venues in Sydney. It provides all the information needed to arrange even the most complicated conferences, events and incentives."

Food Machinery International 01 Aug 2011

"Congratulations on a SUPERB production AND also the way you packaged the book...GREAT WORK!!"

ISES Melbourne Chapter 01 Aug 2011

"Event organisers have come to rely on A LIST Guide for its excellent compilation and presentation and for the opportunity to showcase their own business through your publication. Your team have been wonderful supporters of ISES over the years and we do appreciate and value this relationship."

Red Spice Road, Melbourne 01 Aug 2011

"Red Spice Road recently featured a story in the A LIST Guide eNews and had several responses in just a couple of days. The eNews was definitely a really worthwhile investment. Thank you A LIST Guide!"

Brisbane Customs House 01 Aug 2011

"We receive great exposure to potential clients via the A LIST Guide website. Having event enquiries sent straight to our email inbox for immediate response is just fantastic. Great work A LIST Guide!"

7 Flavours 30 Jul 2011

"The first time I heard that the A LIST Guide was about to be born, it brought a smile on my face just to know that so much vital information was going to be compiled and published together. A few years have gone by and there is no turning back or a single doubt in mind that the A LIST Guide is the official bible for the events industry. Immaculate design, state-of-the-art publishing and the best of the best in the special events industry is available via A LIST Guide."

Navarra Venues 29 Jul 2011

"Thank you A LIST Guide for a simple system that makes our listing nicely presented and to the point. Your team have always been helpful by coming up with ideas and being efficient when requesting information. Thanks again!"

Kirribilli Club 29 Jul 2011

"We track every enquiry that comes in to our business and the ones that come through the A-List guide are always hot leads with realistic spend requirements. It is obviously used by those in the events/conferences industry as an invaluable guide who understand that inclusion in the guide also represents quality of product."

Toast Food Group 29 Jul 2011

"The A LIST Guide (both print and online) is the perfect tool for anyone associated with the events and the hospitality industry. It is invaluable for new ideas, venues and local suppliers for our events. Our association with A LIST Guide helps us to maintain our brand image and keeps us connected with other industry providers."

SMA Entertainment by Design 29 Jul 2011

"A LIST is A Number 1! Our events bible, comprehensive and up to date with social media and the way the events industry in Australia is evolving. A great team with their finger on the events industry pulse."

The Groove Academy 06 Jul 2011

"Having our listing in the A LIST Guide has introduced many new clients to our entertainment agency. We no longer have to chase up new business with so many clients coming staight to us. Thank you A LIST Guide."

Kubarz Beverage Catering 04 Jul 2011

"The A LIST Guide has been a great place for us to advertise and grow our business. Listing our business online, in the printed book as well as taking advantage of the eNews promotions continues to be a great marketing strategy for us that proves to be a great return on investment."

ISES (International Special Events Society) 06 Jun 2011

"Thanks for your help, support and encouragement to upgrade the ISES Melbourne Chapter online listing on the A LIST Guide website. After the upgrade visits to the ISES listing doubled over a two month period and follow-through traffic to the ISES website increased 5 fold. The ISES Melbourne Chapter has been receiving an unprecedented amount of membership enquiries in the past couple of months and I am positive the new look ISES listing on the A LIST Guide website has contributed to generating this interest."

Studiotwenty4 06 Jun 2011

"Advertising budget well spent! A LIST Guide has been absolutely fantastic for studiotwenty4, we have had an overwhelming number of enquiries via A LIST Guide. A number of our past bookings discovered us through A LIST Guide and I regularly refer to A LIST Guide for suppliers, and an extensive list of regularly updated unique and beautiful venues."

Main Event Magazine 06 Jun 2011

"The fact that A LIST Guide is saving people time and is generating quality sales has been the main reason for the warm embrace from the event industry. The guide book is a quick reference that lets you browse a variety of venues and is small enough to be portable when travelling to meetings."

Event Planners Australia 06 Jun 2011

"Whilst the internet is a good resource the A LIST Guide is a really useful tool in the very early stages of planning an event. It provides all the key information I need to be able to create a short list of venues and suppliers that meet our criteria or brief. It really saves a lot of time. Rather than trying to find all the relevant information on various supplier websites, it's all summarised in A LIST Guide."

GNT Events 06 Jun 2011

"I find the A LIST Guide invaluable for new ideas, venues and local suppliers for my events, helping me to keep on budget and within my production timelines. Having all the major venues and some I may not have thought of listed with capacities and facilitates in one book is a real time saver."

Era Bistro 06 Jun 2011

"We have always been very happy with the way our venue is presented, both on-line and in the hard copy guide. Our commitment to A LIST Guide over the past few years has brought some great new clients to Era...and they remain clients of ours today."

Austar Entertainment 06 Jun 2011

"Thank you for A LIST Guide....Finally, a one-stop-shop that's actually got everything I need in it!"

Meetings Xpress 06 Jun 2011

"I rang you this morning regarding venues suitable for a cocktail function. I had a look at your website and it's great. Very user friendly and provided just the information I needed. Thanks for your assistance."

Toast Food 06 Jun 2011

"I have just received A LIST Guide eNews! Just wanted to thank you for including us, it looks fantastic and we've already had some interest! Thanks again and looking forward to working with you soon."

Jellybean Jam 06 Jun 2011

"I just want to let you know that I have had a great response back to the listing in A LIST Guide. I have already secured a few bookings via the website. Great for us and a very handy tool indeed. Well done!"

Baroq House 06 Jun 2011

"The emails are POURING in...In my role as events and promotions manager I am always looking for effective ways to expose my venues and generate leads. There are many options out there but to date nothing I have tested has been as effective as the A LIST Guide Newsletter. I started to receive responses to the promotion even before the A LIST Guide Newsletter reached my inbox!"