The biggest food trends expected to hit menus this winter

Catering trends

William Wallace shares his favourite winter ingredients and predicts the upcoming trends.

With the weather getting cooler, chefs are turning to winter ingredients to fuel delegates with delicious, comforting food.

Brisbane catering specialists Events by William Wallace provide exceptional food experiences for corporate events of all styles. Here, we chat to executive chef William Wallace about the food and beverage trends on the menu this winter:

What seasonal ingredients are looking forward to using this winter?

Lemons and navel oranges come into season in winter and we’re really looking forward to using them in our desserts.

We have a dish we’re about to put on our winter dining menu with olive oil cream, lemon curd, fresh orange segments and finished with a citrus snow.

What are some popular winter dishes or canapes for events?

A popular winter canape is Fraser Isle Spanner Crab with yuzu and crème fraiche – it’s a very comforting morsel but still light and refreshing.

It’s a great canape before a seated lunch or dinner where a popular choice is slow cooked beef short rib with caramelised turnips and kombu cream.

Canapes by Events by William Wallace

Truffle season is approaching – will you be using it in your menus?

We source our truffles from Manjimup in Western Australia and they’ll be featuring on a few of our canapes. We’ll also be adding truffles freshly shaved at the table to our dining and degustation menus.

Having the truffles freshly shaved at the table definitely adds more to the dining experience and it’s something special you can only enjoy for a short period of the year.

What should people be wary of when it comes to truffles, with so many synthetic options sneaking onto menus nowadays?

The most common synthetic option is probably truffle oil, definitely steer clear. There’s nothing more incredible than fresh truffles so why settle for anything less?

Scallop dish

What drinks and cocktails are you expecting to see this winter?

We’re actually really excited about the cocktail offering we’re working on. There’s so many incredible small producers popping up that all have their own little points of difference.

We’ll be putting a lot of focus on staff training and knowledge over the coming months and we’ll be working with our little network of producers to put forward a cocktail offering with a fairly heavy Italian influence showcasing some really interesting gins which we think will prove popular over the cooler months.

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