Why Virtual Scribing is a must-have for online meetings

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Bring focus and efficiency into your virtual meetings in a creative way.

Words by Paul Telling, founder, The Visual Storytellers Group

First of all I wanted to say I feel for all of you. My friends, colleagues and clients at this time. Like you 99-100% of our work for the next six months has disappeared.

My wife and I have been through the full gamut of emotions this week. From absolute despair to joy, love and happiness and back. It has not been easy and it’s only the beginning. But we are now in action stations to get through this and come out the other side better than ever!

Going virtual with your events

One thing that is obvious is we are all moving into the online space and this can mean challenges for event sales, engagement and retention.

Paul Telling Virtual Scribing
Paul Telling

As most people move to working from home and face-to-face meetings are put on hold, there is a need to be more effective in the way we meet online. A great way to ensure alignment, focus and efficiency in your virtual meetings is Virtual Scribing.

What is Virtual Scribing?

Visual notetaking or visual storytelling is becoming more prevalent in meetings, workshops and conferences. This is where an artist is standing at an easel on one side of the room capturing visual notes and illustrating what they hear onto large artboards or, more recently, digitally projected to a large screen.

Virtual Scribing takes the same concept and makes its fully online. We can do this in two ways:

1: We share our screen to the meeting, showing the visual notes to everyone on the call. This means everyone sees the notes evolve as they happen.

2: We can also do the capture privately, i.e. not sharing to screen if preferred. We listen in like any other participant and capture notes without anyone seeing them.

When the meeting is finished we send you a digital file with your capture ready to be shared with all the participants.

This can also be created post-meeting, allowing you to send the video recording after the meeting and we listen and capture at a later date.

What value does Virtual Scribing bring?

Virtual Scribing brings added value to virtual meetings and events in a number of ways. Virtual Scribing:

– gives focus to your meetings. Everyone following and adding to the one image as it grows

– brings clarity, enabling people online to see where we are at and what has been said and follow along

– builds empathy. Seeing that you are being listened to intently and your ideas captured builds incredible empathy for your subject

– can be shared across social channels. Speakers, presenters and audience members love to share their visual notes!

– inspires creativity. People see our work and are amazed, excited and inspired. Seeing ideas drawn helps them find connections they wouldn’t normally see.

– makes the intangible tangible. It creates an asset, a visual tool everyone can use after the meeting to remember actions and share the outcomes of the discussion.

– ensures an effective meeting. Preparing the meeting to have a virtual scribe attend actually improves the meeting for all involved.

What value can it bring to sponsorship?

The other incredible and probably most powerful benefit is that scribes can be used as a bonus offer or value-add to the ticket price, even an upsell. Organisers can either use it to entice attendees to buy tickets or upsell them to a higher-tier ticket.

Visual storytelling can also be used as a sponsorship offer, having the scribes branded with sponsor logos. Post-workshop, we can also create a branded e-book with a page for each speaker and their scribe.

Sponsors could have ads or content mixed in between these images. All this creates a great summary product for your participants. A further possibility could be to upsell to a printed version of this booklet.

A summary poster that contains all the key points from all the speakers in a beautiful, colourful visual is a great final bonus or gift for participants.

Visual Storytellers on screen at PCOA19:

Coming into #PCOA19 this morning to see our #digital #scribes #visualstorytelling on rotation on the screens for the…

Posted by The Visual Storytellers on Monday, December 9, 2019

Thinking outside the box…

We are all having to think way outside the box right now. The craziest ideas that we once shook off, are becoming the ones that could get us through the next 12 months.

In support of this I am here to support and I particularly love brainstorming, coming up with ideas whether it be for marketing, business or how visual storytelling can be part of your event.

Please get in contact and I would love to support you with problem solving or creative ideas if I can at this time.

And if Virtual Visual Storytelling is something you would like to discuss for your next event, we are offering our lowest price of $500.00 for 2 x 1-hour sessions. This can be used for meetings, webinars, podcasts, speeches, online workshops or panels. If we can hear it, we can illustrate it!

Get in touch with the team at The Visual Storytellers Group here.

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