What’s hot, what’s not: Spring event trends

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We're wrapping up the best and worst trends of the season.

Spring has arrived, bringing with it a whole new range of event trends that we love, and some we’re not so fond of.

If we’ve missed one of favourite (or least favourite) event trends for the season, don’t be shy, leave a comment below!

What’s hot

At-home catering services

Hosting a virtual event? Get in touch with your local catering supplier to see if they’re offering at-home deliveries, like The Canape Shop, a new at-home offering by Brisbane’s Wine & Dine’m Catering.

Event industry on the agenda

The PM has made specific mention of the business events industry in multiple press conferences following his meeting with BECA representatives in July. We’ll take that as a little win!

Luxe hand sanitisers

Hand sanitisers don’t have to be clinical; there are now so many options out there that look and smell great. One of our faves is the Brookie’s Sanitiser by Cape Byron Distillery, scented with their rainforest gin and lime.

Branded face masks

Why not get your brand front and centre, smack bang on the faces of mask-wearing people across Australia? There’s loads of great Aussie companies offering custom- printed face masks right now.

What’s not

Communal condiments

Think again before you place those salt and pepper shakers on the table for a gala dinner or long-table luncheon. With hygiene the top priority right now, individual pinch pots are the way to go.

Rule breakers

Don’t be a ‘Karen’, follow the rules so we can all get back to what we love: events.


It’s likely we won’t see buffets at events for some time to come, which is probably a good thing given the health risks they can pose and the food waste that comes along with them.

This article originally appeared in Spring issue of our sister publication, Spice Magazine. Subscribe here.

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