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Styling trends

The expert team give us the lowdown on the hottest event trends right now.

Engaging technology, unusual event spaces and soft, subtle styling are among the leading event trends right now, according to Melbourne-based event specialists whole nine yards group.

The team at whole nine yards have built a reputation for delivering impressive events, by pushing the boundaries and utilising the team’s expertise and network of trusted suppliers.

A LIST Guide spoke to founder and director Ben Sciberras to find out his take on the hottest trends in events right now.

Engaging technology

Delegate engagement is an area that has become more and more important to clients, says Sciberras. He says technology needs to clearly deliver the event’s message to all delegates in the lead up to the event, onsite and post-event.

“This trend is significant and we’re part of this growth, developing conference apps that integrate directly with our registration software,” says Sciberras.

“We incorporate client messages, Q&A, onsite conference quizzes, TED Talks and trade booth sessions into our event technology.”

Effective event technology should also provide a personalised experience for each delegate, Sciberras adds.

“Recently we executed a 350-pax conference with all delegates having their very own tailored agenda, all in the palm of their hands,” he says. “This event engagement was at an all-time high.”

Custom event app by whole nine yards group

Event styling trends

Whole nine yards group has its own event stylist and project manager who is continually across the current interior and trends. Among the their favourite trends for 2019 is the use of soft shapes in styling. The team are playing softer, feminine shapes like curves and rounded edges, and combining them with straight lines for impact.

As for colour, muted mint and earthy tones are right on trend.

“Muted mint mixed with grey and white is very popular for events,” says Sciberras. “Bring the outside in with plants and keep the tone very calming and simple.”

Sciberras also recommends using hues like mustard, tan, terracotta, burgundy and burnt orange for an rustic, earthy effect.

“Earth tones mixed with metal (copper or gold), stone or Terrazzo create a rich but balanced feel to a space,” he says.

Terracotta tones are trending in events

Non-traditional venues

With more demand than ever for out-of-the-box experiences, event planners are tasked with finding unique venues that their clients have never seen before. Sciberras says its important to think big and consider spaces that aren’t traditionally used for events.

“This week we’re executing a VIP event for 1100 people in a public building that has never held an event in previously,” he says.

But with non-traditional venues comes unique challenges that must be meticulously planned for.

“With this comes a lot of planning to ensure we have tested all aspects of the event,” says Sciberras. “Furniture, entertainment, styling, catering, lighting and the overall design – these are all logistical questions that need to be perfect.”

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