Top 3 event catering trends for 2020

Catering trends

Keep these food and beverage trends in mind when planning your 2020 events.

As we head into a new year, it’s time to take a look at the event catering trends predicted to make an impact in 2020.

From sustainable, plant-based foods to interactive cooking styles, there’s so many exciting food and beverage trends on the horizon.

We spoke to two A LIST Guide suppliers to find out their event catering trend predictions for 2020:

1. Plant-based & sustainable choices

According to the team at Studio Neon Catering and Headquarters in Sydney, plant-based foods will continue to lead the catering trends in 2020.

“Food trends for the catering industry for 2020 is definitely heading towards more sustainable plant-based consumption,” they said.

“This trend has been making its way into the industry for a few years now and caterers and restaurants are becoming more comfortable in preparing, cooking and serving plant-based meals to a higher standard, to cater to the demand we’re seeing.

“We see it moving forward quickly next year and in the coming years.”

The team at Cuisine on Cue, the exclusive event caterers at Brisbane venue Room Three Sixty, agree plant-based dining is on the rise, for various reasons.

“People are turning to plant-based eating for a number of reasons, but the reason we’ve seen increase in popularity is the concept of sustainability,” they said.

“As a society, we’re becoming more aware of our impact on the environment and as a result, we’re opting for natural, unprocessed (and uncontaminated) food sources as a means to reduce our environmental footprint.”

event catering trends
Plant-based dish by Cuisine on Cue

2. Interactive food experiences

Event catering is all about showcasing quality produce in a memorable way. In 2020, delegates are expected to look for interactive food and beverage experiences, that encourage them to get hands on at meal times.

The Cuisine on Cue team said interactive dining is one of the biggest trends in food right now.

“By getting your guests involved in the food-making process, it allows them to customise their own main meal, canapes or drinks to fit their tastes, as well as meet any dietary requirements,” they said.

“Interactive food stations are a modern alternative to your traditional buffet and they can be created for almost any cuisine including Japanese (Teppanyaki), fresh seafood, Italian and especially desserts!

“Incorporating one of these into your function space is a great way to give your guests a personal experience when it comes to the food you serve.”

The team at Studio Neon are also predicting a rise in more interactive catering styles.

“More and more clients and event organisers are wanting to provide unique, immersive and tailored experiences for their guests,” they said.

“Bringing the food to the forefront, along with custom paired beverage menus, stunning locations and activities, the trend is keeping it interactive for the guests from start to finish.”

Delegates are encouraged to get interactive

3. Dietary dishes that push boundaries

While dietary foods are nothing new, 2020 will see venues and caterers push the boundaries to incorporate new alternative foods into the mix.

Studio Neon are expecting suppliers to up the ante with innovative products to cater to all requests and requirements.

“More dietary products for catering will be made available by suppliers including vegan cheeses, vegan and gluten free wines, gluten free breads, tartlets and crisp breads and so much more,” they said.

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Featured image credit: Stuart Garske and Studio Neon

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