Three tech gadgets for your next event

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Need some tech inspiration? Check out three of the coolest gadgets making waves in the event industry.

With so many exciting new tech products on the market, it’s often hard to know where to start.

To help you discover the latest and greatest, we asked the team at Hire Intelligence to share three of their favourite products.



For your selfie-loving guests, a photo booth is a must have. Hire Intelligence have put a modern twist on the classic photo booth, with the FotoATM.

FotoATM is a traditional photo printing kiosk that’s been digitally enhanced and upgraded for the social media age.

It allows users to instantly and easily print out their Instagram, smart phone, and selfie stick photos.

Not only that, users can also develop customisable Polaroid-style prints and, in a nod to the machine’s nostalgic credentials, take old-school photo booth pictures via the machine’s built-in camera.

FotoATM is the perfect way to increase foot traffic at your event and get delegates engaged and interacting.

Hypervsn hologram

Up until a few years ago holographic displays were the domain of sci-fi and fantasy movies. But finally, holographic technology has reached a point where it’s now able to be utilised in events.

Hypervsn is a 3D hologram product that displays products, objects and animated sequences three-dimensionally and enables seemingly real objects or animations to appear to float completely freely in space.

Thanks to its ability to draw lingering crowds, holographic displays are highly effective for brands, retailers, advertising and events, inviting an audience to take a deeper and wider perspective of the image.

Giant iTab

Exclusive to Hire Intelligence, the Giant iTab takes the familiar touchscreen usability of a tablet and scales it up so that groups can interact with it more easily.

The Giant iTab is a “plug and play” solution, perfect for showcasing any digital content, including websites, digital multimedia and apps.

At London Fashion Week, Giant iTabs were found in the VIP areas for visitors to flick through the work of new designers. Etihad Airways uses Giant iTabs as info points in its first-class lounges. Harrods uses them to show people around their emporium and Nespresso made use of Giant iTabs to showcase their latest app in-store.

At exhibitions, Giant iTabs are used for everything from interactive digital concierge points and wayfinders through to demonstration tools on individual exhibition stands.

Check out Hire Intelligence’s full range of technology equipment here.

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