Three event trends to watch in 2020

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The biggest trends for the year ahead and how to implement them.

The start of a new year brings with it a whole new wave of event trends, offering up inspiration and ideas for your 2020 events.

Just in time for new year planning, Eventbrite has released its 2020 Event Trends Report, based on survey responses from more than 1000 event professionals across Australia.

Here are their top three trend predictions for 2020:

Trend #1: Sustainability gets serious

No longer simply a trend, sustainability is a responsibility and in many cases, it’s a number one priority.

In Eventbrite’s 2019 survey, just 11 per cent of respondents named sustainability a priority for their upcoming events. Now, in 2020, a whopping 72 per cent of Australian event planners stated they are focusing on sustainability at their events.

So how are event planners implementing sustainability in 2020?

The report revealed 90 per cent of planners are using e-tickets and reducing paper waste, 60 per cent are using reusable or biodegradable items, 38 per cent are offering vegan/vegetarian food and 38 per cent are encouraging public transport.

Interestingly, 21 per cent of planners are only working with venues that recycle.

Trend #2: Diversity on the agenda

From balanced speaker lineups to accessible venues, diversity is a top priority for event planners in 2020.

In line with the global average, 58 per cent of survey respondents said diversity is an area of focus for them this year.

Additionally, 72 per cent said they are actively looking for new ways to promote their events to a diverse audience.

The report revealed the following ways event professionals are making events more diverse in 2020:

  • 48 per cent are proactively looking for diverse speakers and talent
  • 38 per cent are offering diverse dietary options
  • 29 per cent are promoting diversity in their code of conduct
  • 11 per cent are offering a dedicated space for nursing mothers
  • 8 per cent offer scholarships to event attendees

Trend #3: Immersive experiences bring events to life

Immersive event experiences are tipped to be among the biggest trends in 2020. Events are no longer a static experience where delegates simply watch on, they now invite the audience to fully engage for a more interactive, memorable encounter.

Event planners suggested the following tips for making your 2020 events more interactive:

  • Hire roving entertainers to surprise and interact with guests
  • Encourage sponsors and vendors to get creative with their brand activations
  • Go beyond the coloured selfie-wall and get playful with styling and design
  • Use clever design and props to turn breakout spaces and rooms into unique ‘worlds’ for guests to explore

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