Three event styling ideas for an Instagrammable event

Styling trends

Be inspired by pop culture trends or take cues from around the world.

Three event styling ideas for 2020 by Nicole Alvares, Divine Events.

Events are an experience: whisking attendees away from the mundane and into the exciting. Theming and styling are an important aspect of accomplishing this experience for the guest.

Event themes are often driven by society and pop culture, so the trending themes change with every new year.

Looking ahead, these are our top three event styling trend predictions for 2020:

Pop culture-inspired themes

Today, anything creating a buzz is deemed as ‘pop culture’. It is fun, fascinating and is at the centre of most of our lives. The most common pop culture category is entertainment – think movies, music & TV. You can’t escape it, especially when you are online!

Events have become all about conjuring up an emotion and pop culture has steadily influenced the themes that are at the fore front of the industry.

In recent years, Miami Vice theme has dominated event briefs, creating the feelings of summer-time, a tropical beach and neon lights, while Harry Potter invokes the fantastical with playful witchcraft.

Game of Thrones has more recently captivated audiences around the world and we’ve seen it become a mainstay in several activations and events.

Overall, people just love being a part of the pop culture experience within an event.

event styling ideas
Miami Vice inspired gala event

The Olympics

Topical themes are always a popular choice for event styling and with the Olympics set to take place in Tokyo this July-August we are already starting to see this reflected in some of our client’s briefs.

Japanese art, design and culture has always been a popular addition, whether your influence comes from the neon lights and modern styles of Tokyo city, the refined style of traditional arts/crafts and architecture or the beauty and grace of traditional Geisha garb.

For an event inspired by the Olympics itself, try going for a mix of gold, silver and bronze metallics, working with staggered heights and setting your centrepieces in clusters of three to mimic an Olympic podium.

For an elegant look, keep your colours minimal or monochromatic and bring in plenty of light and shine through candles to mimic the flame of the Olympic torch.

event styling ideas
Olympic-inspired table decor

La dolce vita

La dolce vita is a borrowed Italian phrase that translates to “the sweet life”. It seeks out beauty in living the good life!

Think coastal blue waters, limoncello, the scent of olive groves and boundless sunshine. Bringing together soft tones of white with bright pops of blue, yellow and deep green, paints the picture perfect setting, transporting guests to the likes of the lavish Amalfi Coast.

Add in splashes of gold to add a touch of ‘luxe’ to your palette paired with velvet textures. Wooden carts serving up delectable treats and fresh gelato is a true treat for the senses!

La dolce vita styling

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