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All parties have a theme, whether it’s a ‘just because’ or celebrating a specific holiday. The bigger and more thought

All parties have a theme, whether it’s a ‘just because’ or celebrating a specific holiday. The bigger and more thought gone into the theme, the better.

Work Christmas parties are the perfect excuse for going all out with a theme. The right theme will:

  • Set the mood for the festivities
  • Motivate guests to get involved
  • Create a buzz and a cohesive unit
  • Make a party memorable

Need inspiration for setting a theme for this year’s work Christmas party? Check out some of the hottest themes this year and get creative…

Christmas cocktail party

Mix martinis and mistletoe and theme your party on Christmas cocktails. Serve guests seasonal drinks like a Dirty Snowman, Cranberry Mimosa or Jingle Juice Holiday Punch – there’s no need for eggnog here! Serve Christmas themed delicious canapes as you drink and be merry and cater for those getting behind the wheel (or those refraining from alcohol) with a Sober Santa.

Alternatively, hand over the Christmas Cocktail theme to those who do it best, with venues such as Brisbane Lookout, Walsh Bay Kitchen and Beaumonde on the Point all offering an extra wow factor.

Ugly sweater Christmas party

There’s almost as many types of Christmas sweaters as there are people attending parties, so guests are sure to find something they love. Your guests can even customise their own ugly sweater Christmas singlets and tank tops if it’s too hot to party in wool.

Ugly sweater Christmas parties are a common thing and the ultimate goal is to see how ugly guests can dress up for the event. From sweaters sporting flashing lights to gaudy bows and tinsel, this party theme is centered around fun and silliness.

Christmas trivia party

Of all the holiday themes out there, trivia games are perhaps the best for filling guests with the Christmas spirit. That’s because they challenge guests to recall details about all those Christmas songs, movies and traditions that hold fond places in our hearts.

Test the knowledge of your guests by breaking them up into teams and answering a series of questions. Mix these up in terms of difficulty and make sure the questions suit your audience (multi-generational, multi-cultural etc). For a venue, pick a spot that has lots of tables and chairs and where the trivia host can be seen and heard by everyone. Each player or team will want a little privacy when coming up with their answers, so be sure there’s a little breathing room between tables.

Tinsel and tinnies

The humble beer can has been the bastion of bogan. But not anymore. Australians are rediscovering their taste for beer in aluminium cans and a resurgence of classic Aussie brews proudly sit beside even the best craft and international beer. Want the most Aussie Christmas party you can imagine? A tinsel and tinnie theme is the way to go.

If you’d prefer something a little more upmarket, microbreweries such as All Hands Brewing House make for a great venue choice.

Winter Wonderland party

Putting together a Winter Wonderland theme is so much fun. To make the party a success, look for wintery decorations, centrepieces and furnishings to create a wondrous atmosphere. Think Santa’s grotto in the North Pole or twinkling winter lights and icicles to really take your guests away from the hot summer sun. Winter flowers aren’t always the most alluring but pinecones, silver-sprayed branches and dried petals can have a strong impact. Ice sculptures, candles, glass ornaments and snow globes take the theme to the next level.

Worst present exchange

A ‘Worst Present Exchange’ (aka a Bad Santa Gift Exchange) is a theme in which guests exchange amusing, impractical gifts. The goal is to entertain party-goers rather than gain a valuable or highly sought-after item.

Each guest supplies one wrapped gift, usually of similar value. The gifts are placed in a central location, and participants determine in which order they will take turns selecting a present. Some exchange hosts allow guests to ‘steal’ another person’s gift, giving the person a chance to pick again.

Being that it’s a work party, gifts should not be inappropriate or offensive.

Activity party

Standing around making small talk and mingling can be awkward for some guests and building your work party around a fun activity can ease their comfort. From painting workshops to code cracking, activity parties can be a whole host of fun. Why not bounce out the year’s stress at Bounce Inc. or hand-feed kangaroos at Caversham Wildlife Park? You could ice skate at Perth’s newest and largest ice facility or take your team on the Dreamworld Challenge?

Deciding on a theme

Themes can be anything your creative mind comes up with and it doesn’t always need to be a physical, tangible thing. The theme of your Christmas party could be ‘friendship’ or a favourite song. It could be a certain colour – anything you think will create cohesion amongst your guests.

Once you settle on an idea, make a list of all the things that come to mind about that theme. Make it easy for guests attending by throwing out some suggestions for embracing the theme and encourage participation by offering prizes for those who embrace the theme the most.

Get everyone on board and you’re sure to make this year’s work party a shindig staff will never forget.

Need a venue for carrying out your memorable Christmas theme? Submit enquiries using the Wishlist Feature to multiple venues and get in touch with multiple vendors today. A LIST Guide venues have the capacity to deliver high-quality corporate events and our team is on hand to answer your questions. Contact us today.

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