Top 5 Christmas party trends

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With 2021 nearly done and dusted, event styling experts Event Styling Sydney share their insights on the top five Christmas trends.

This year is nearly done and in the rear-view mirror, and there has never been a better excuse to say goodbye to the year that was than with a Christmas party, be it a work or private affair. Event styling experts Event Styling Sydney share their insights on the top five Christmas trends.

In 2021, we are seeing that spending behaviours are more calculated. Just as they saw last year, clients are looking to get the biggest bang for their buck, so they are focusing on style elements that not only look amazing but are also budget friendly.

1. Decorative lighting

Fairy lights, fairy lights, fairy lights! It must be the Year of the Fairy Light. Due to their wow factor and relatively good value for budgets, they offer good bang for their buck and seem to be the hottest trend at the moment. From ceiling canopies indoors to fairy light tunnels for private dining experiences, fairy lights can be creatively installed just about everywhere.

2. Cocktail style events

In the last month, we have seen a dramatic increase in clients wanting a cocktail style layout for their end of year event. With the year that was, they are wanting to create more of a social setting that offers a fun and relaxed environment whilst still catering to their ideal event capacity. Add in bar tables, stools, a lounge pod, throw in a DJ and you’re set.

3. Environmentally responsible

Environmentally conscious events at a corporate level have been around for a while, but after this last lockdown we have noticed that our clients have an increased awareness of the wastage involved within their event and are actively making decisions that prevent excessive environmental impact with food wastage at the top of the list. This has been one of the driving reasons as to why we have seen a large increase in cocktail style events.

4. Outdoor events

This is probably less of a trend of choice, but rather a trend of necessity – whatever it takes to get an event over the line! We have transformed quite a few indoor parties for the end of the year into an outdoor experience. With everyone being trapped inside for such a long time and outdoor events being more COVID safe, we have seen an influx for outdoor events.

5. Ceiling installs

Who doesn’t love a ceiling install? With an imperative to create an amazing end of year bash that is memorable, ceiling installs are becoming all the rage at the moment – needless to say, a week does not go by where we don’t get a good ladder workout! With clients looking to create impact with a feature that transforms the whole space whilst creating the ideal atmosphere, ceiling installs of all types have become increasingly popular this year. Fairy lights have been popular for a while but we are also seeing an increase in custom coloured drapery.

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