New check-in rules for NSW corporate events


Event venues must comply with the new rules or face strict penalties.

The NSW Government has announced digital customer check-in will become mandatory for all venues from 23 November 2020.

This means all venues across the state must use QR codes or other electronic forms to record contact details of customers, or risk facing strict penalties.

NSW Minister for Customer Service Victor Dominello said there will be “no excuses” for business that do not comply.

“We can’t respond to a pandemic with paper,” he said.

“We must be fast and precise and digital is the best way forward.

“We have to move away from the walk-in culture to the check-in culture. This is about building resilience as we continue to open up as safely as possible heading into summer.”

NSW Government has clarified the new digital check-in rule applies to function centres and any corporate events taking place across the state.

Scanning a NSW Government QR code captures the business name, address and the customer’s contact details, which are stored for 28 days for the purpose of contact tracing. After this time, the customer’s details are destroyed.

For customers who do not have access to a smartphone, venues are encouraged to record their contact details and time of entry using a digital device.

Dominello said while the overwhelming majority of businesses are doing the right thing, there are still some venues with “inadequate check-in systems”.

“Complacency is our greatest threat and any business that thinks they are above the law will face serious penalties,” he said.

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