Merchgirls launches Emerchency Kit during iso

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The custom-branded gift features all the essentials for getting through isolation.

The creative brains at Merchgirls have come up with a brilliant solution for client gifting during isolation, dubbed the Emerchency Kit.

Whether your goal is boost team morale or recognise valued clients, the kits are a simple and effective way to send good vibes during this tough time while keeping your brand or business front of mind.

The Emerchency Kit is custom-made with your branding or logo, which can be arranged over a quick phone call with the Merchgirls team.

Inside the custom tote bag are all the iso essentials, including a face mask, a roll of toilet paper, hand sanitiser, plus a cookie and card, all with your branding.

Emerchency Kit
Inside the Emerchency Kit

The Merchgirls team said the kits were designed to connect with people who have supported the business over the past five years.

“There may be no need right now for merch like we know it (you know for those major things like, events!) but you know what else? Merch makes people feel happy and it builds brands,” they said via Instagram.

“So in our case, we wanted to make something cheerful and cheeky during this challenging time.

“Something to remind our clients that we will get back to a happy place. And in the meantime, let’s reconsider how we can use merch in a useful way.”

Merchgirls will also take care of the freight, packing and dispatch, so you really don’t have to lift a finger!

Enquire about designing your own custom Emerchency Kit here.

Read more about the Merchgirls story here.

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