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The team at Hire Intelligence give us the low down on LED and LCD video walls.

When considering video walls for your corporate events, there’s a multitude of options – which can sometimes be overwhelming!

We’ve asked the team at Hire Intelligence to strip it back to basics and explain the differences and benefits between having an LCD video wall and LED video wall at your next event:

What are the key differences between LCD and LED video wall screens?

LCD video walls are assembled using an array of smaller LCD displays arranged in columns and rows to make up a larger screen. These LCD displays are similar to standard TVs but have special software built in to allow them to be used as part of a video wall without need of an external controller. They will usually have a much slimmer edge than a normal TV or other type of LCD display.

The video wall panels offered by Hire Intelligence are all 55” measured diagonally and have bezels as slim as 3mm between displays offering resolutions up to 4K when used as part of a video wall. Assemblies up to 5×5 panels are possible resulting in a massive 275” 4K display.

LED video walls are assembled from smaller panels (50cm x 50cm) allowing for more flexibility where there is a need for a large screen of a specific size. These LED panels use actual LED lights on their surface to display any of several million colours and for this reason offer a very bright and vibrant display but at a lower resolution than that offered by LCD video wall.

Hire Intelligence offers LED panels with P2.6/2.6mm pixel pitch which means the centre of each individual LED on the display is 2.6mm from its neighbour. The smaller the pitch, the higher the resolution and the closer your audience can view it from. Each LED Vvdeo wall is supplied with a suitable controller to allow operation from practically any source such as a notebook computer or digital signage player.

Why should event planners choose one over the other?

If you’d like a video wall for your trade show booth, you’re going to need a different option than if you’d like a video wall as an entire backdrop of a general session stage. Therefore screen resolution and distance and understanding your space will be the first factor in choosing one over the other.

The image on an LCD wall will be sharper than on LED walls, especially while standing nearby, since it’s made from FHD panels, but it will have very thin bezels between each LCD screen. If a planner is looking to have an extremely bright display and those viewing the content will be more than four or so metres away, then LED will be the likely choice.

Next, you need to consider your wall size and shape and your content. Displays of practically any shape or size can be made with the 50cm x 50cm tiles including displays with both inward and outward curves!

If you have the resources to produce custom content for your video wall then you can consider LED. If you have existing content developed that looks great on a standard FHD computer monitor with a 16:9 aspect ratio, it will look good on an LCD wall.

Finally there’s budget. While it’s size dependent, more often than not, an LED wall will be more expensive.

What are the benefits of having either an LCD or LED screen at your event?

Well, we all know it’s all about “wowing” our audience isn’t it? With any visual medium – particularly one of the size and versatility of a video wall – it’s important that one considers your goal, whether you want real time control or pre-programmed playback of content, whether your aim is brand reinforcement or live social feeds, displaying event information or launching a product – the impact a wall can have around engagement of your audience is immense.

Why has HI decided to start supplying Samsung LED screen for events?

Demand demand demand! Hire Intelligence has been servicing the event space for almost 20 years and have been offering LCD video walls since 2012.

With the bulk of our client base requiring indoor video wall solutions we felt that we had to wait for an LED solution of high enough resolution and quality to accommodate our clients’ needs. We were also getting more and more requests for all manner of different size and configurations in wall builds, something our LCD solution couldn’t fulfill.

After a lengthy analysis of the multitude of options available we settled on Samsung’s premium solution.  We are delighted to be the first in the short-term rental space to offer this global brand’s LED offering to the Australasian market.

Discover how Hire Intelligence can assist your next event here.

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