How to host a webinar in 5 steps

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From choosing the right platform to increasing engagement, these tips will help you become a webinar pro.

With many face-to-face events switching to virtual formats due to COVID-19, the webinar is fast becoming the norm as we adjust to an online working landscape.

If you’re new to virtual events and wondering ‘how on earth do I host a webinar?’, you’re not alone.

To help, we’ve broken it down into 5 easy steps that will help you with the basics of hosting a webinar:

1. Get your tech set up

This might be an obvious step, but choosing the right platform for your webinar is perhaps the most important part.

There’s a wide variety of free virtual meeting platforms available, but a professional webinar calls for something more high quality.

A number of trusted AV suppliers across Australia have dedicated platforms to facilitate online events and webinars, such as AV1 and Encore Event Technologies.

Get in touch with AV suppliers and do your research to ensure you choose the best platform for your event.

2. Build a buzz around the event

Utilise social media channels and email databases to drum up interest around your webinar.

If you have an all-star speaker line-up, be sure to promote it through LinkedIn, Facebook and other social channels relevant to your audience.

Allow attendees to send in questions prior to the event – knowing that their specific questions may be answered will give delegates more reasons to tune in.

3. Prep your speakers

If you have speakers joining the webinar, get in touch prior to the event to run through topics and prepare them for possible questions from attendees.

Do a test call to ensure they all have the appropriate set-up and to check volume levels.

Ensure your speakers know all the functions available on the webinar platform, such as polls, Q&A and screen share, to give them all the tools they need to engage with your audience.

4. Test, test, test

Testing your video and audio is a crucial step in any virtual event or webinar – it gives you a chance to fix any issues before going live.

Ensure each speaker is using a high quality camera and microphone, and that there is no interfering noise from their surrounding environments.

Don’t forget to check your internet connection is solid and reliable – this isn’t the time for Wi-Fi dropouts!

5. Maximise the opportunity

While some might be new to this style of event, there is great potential to maximise the online webinar to increase attendee numbers and engagement.

Webinars eliminate the need for delegates to travel and book accommodation for the event, therefore you have the ability to capture a wider audience.

Having the ability to record the webinar also gives attendees the opportunity to revisit the content afterwards or to view at a more convenient time.

With your audience online, a webinar gives you the ability to increase engagement through polls, Q&As (especially for those who may be too nervous to ask a question at a face-to-face event) and discussions post-event.

A LIST Guide understands sourcing venues and suppliers for your events might not be a top priority right now. But when you’re ready to continue planning your events, we will be here to help you create amazing events.

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