How to add a luxury touch to any event

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Create a lasting impression with these three tips.

We all know first impressions have a lasting impact – especially in events.
One way to ensure your guests are impressed right from the start is by adding the luxury touch of a professional valet service, to give your guests the VIP treatment as soon as they arrive at your event.
First Class Valet knows a thing or two about providing luxury experiences, offering 5-star service and valet parking for corporate groups in Sydney.
Here are three ways First Class Valet can add a luxury touch to any corporate event:

Welcome and arrival

First impressions are everything. On arrival, guests will be welcomed by professional and well-groomed valets who provide the red carpet treatment to every car door they open.
Your guests will feel like the VIP’s they already are and will be wow’d by the positive first impression you have created simply by having a professional valet presence.

First Class Valet brings a luxury touch to any event

Seamless service

If there is one accessory that all guests carry to an event, it’s their mobile phone. With this in mind, First Class Valet offer SMS ticketing for all cars valeted and in their care.
SMS ticketing erases the need for flimsy paper tickets that can be lost easily and makes for a seamless experience.
At the end of the event, the interactive SMS platform allows guests to simply request their vehicles whilst still inside. Once requested, our valet team will let you guests know when their car is ready.
Your guests will walk out of the event only to have their car ready and waiting for them.

Departing gift

The journey shouldn’t end once guests have left the event venue, so why not leave a lasting impression on your guests with a leave in gift?
This service is perfect for product launches, brand and PR events, and is available to all guests who have valeted their car. First Class Valet can place any small gift provided in each car to ensure the VIP experience continues long after the lights are off and the curtain is drawn.
Find out more about using First Class Valet at your next event here.

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