How Inside Sets is bringing artists and audiences together

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The virtual series is a game-changer for Australia's live event industry.

Much like the business events industry, the entertainment and live event industries have been decimated by the COVID-19 crisis, resulting in more than $330 million worth of cancelled gigs.

But amid the devastation, a group of event industry professionals have come together to bring live entertainment to Aussie homes, with the launch of a new concept called Inside Sets.

Inside Sets’ mission is to deliver Australian performers the most interactive and rewarding virtual concert experience to keep their fans close, regardless of physical distance.

Inside Sets allows virtual interaction between artists and audience
Inside Sets allows virtual interaction between artists and audience

​By bringing the fans inside via a hybrid virtual gig, performers, which have included the likes of Rove McManus, Briggs and Matt Okine, can experience fan reactions and audience emotion live on screen during their show.

AV supplier Hire Intelligence has been working alongside Usual Suspects Creative to deliver the event.

Supplying the AV capabilities and equipment for the virtual events, Hire Intelligence were tasked with providing real-time, two-way interaction between performers and hundreds of audience members all over the country.

Inside Sets
Artist performs in front of live virtual audience

Inside Sets curator and host Hau Latukefu said the series gives Aussie artists an outlet to do what they love during the pandemic.

“There have been lots of opportunities for artists to perform and connect to their fans during social distancing but very few enabled them to be paid, and none allowed visual connection outside of comments and likes,” he said,

“Inside Sets is the first virtual concert of its kind, and will really change how live music can be accessed moving forward.”

Inside Sets
Inside Sets

Audiences can purchase tickets to get ‘Inside’ with front row seats to a performance. Whether it’s from the shared, up close space of the Dancefloor, the stadium surround of Reserved Seating, or the special one-on-one VIP position, fans can choose how their favourite artists and local comedians see their reactions among other live on screen.

Audiences also have the option to go ‘Incognito’ with a special live streaming format, catering to all concert-goers, anywhere.

Find out more about the show’s AV supplier Hire Intelligence here.

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