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On the eve of AIME, here are some handy tips from the Events 720 team to help you get the

On the eve of AIME, here are some handy tips from the Events 720 team to help you get the most out of your exhibition stand.

1. Have clear goals that you want to achieve from exhibiting at AIME
Before you set foot on your stand, understand what you want to achieve from exhibiting. Is it to create awareness, get leads or achieve sales targets? Be clear about your objectives so you can direct your team on how best to achieve them.
2. Market your attendance
You will have been engaged in a pre-exhibition marketing plan, but the few days leading up to the exhibition gives you a chance to remind everyone of your attendance. Social media posts, final email blasts and mentioning you’re exhibiting to every prospect that you speak to will remind people to seek you out when they get to the event.
3. Know your space
This is an important point regardless of the size of your exhibition stand, whether you have a shell-scheme or a custom stand, or whether you are sharing stand space with another company. You need to think about where the staff are going to stand and how you want to arrange furniture and displays so that your stand has great flow management. Otherwise you will have no one visiting your stand because it will be too crowded or not easily accessible.
4. Think about product placement
Once you establish where your staff and furniture will stand, you need to consider the products you might display. If you have company literature or brochures, how many will you display, where will you keep spares, are they easily accessible to staff who need to hand them out? Understanding where to place products will help your staff feel more comfortable within the exhibition space.
5. Engage in any networking options
Ensure that you engage in any networking opportunities that AIME present. Also take advantage of attending the programme and participating in the interesting discussion. There are some fantastic speakers and great topics that are being debated. To get the most out of the exhibition space that you have paid for you should really engage in the activities that AIME organise. This will also increase the volume of attendees who are likely to visit your stand and engage with you.
6. Measure your performance for improvement
Because you have identified the goals that you wanted to achieve from the exhibition, you can then measure your performance after the exhibition and see how successful you were. This will be important in deciding whether you should exhibit again, and whether you should change your exhibiting habits.

Tips on how to engage delegates: 
Engaging with delegates can be daunting but it will help you get the most out of exhibiting and will help you achieve your goals. These are our top tips for engaging delegates.
1. Understand your audience. Be aware of how the other person is reacting. If you are a naturally bubbly and engaging person, you might need to be aware that not everyone will react positively to that.
2. Further to this, just offering a smile or a quick hello isn’t enough to draw people in. You must engage people, perhaps even offer something to draw people in. Consider handing something out as a way of engaging with people.
3. Memorise some statistics that relate to your product or service. Open with the statistics but make sure you have enough knowledge to keep the dialogue open. This engagement is a fantastic way to get contact details of the delegates so that you can continue discussions with them later.
4. If you haven’t decided who will working your exhibition stand yet ensure that you choose staff members who have a firm grasp of your product and service, and are personable. Sales teams are ideal for working on exhibition stands. You want staff who are capable of detailing what your company does while offering great customer service

New trends to be aware of: For exhibition stands

  • A focus on more customised exhibition stands
  • More offerings – think charging stations, a chance to relax, things that will make it more accessible for people to engage without being directly sold to
  • Timber finishes – the trend of adding timber really took off last year and will continue to be a strong trend this year

New trends to be aware of: For meetings and events 

  • You will see more unique venues used – think places like airport hangars and industrial areas such as factories
  • A real effort to educate delegates and buyers when they interact with you at an event or meeting. There is a large focus on content marketing for businesses and how to educate potential buyers. This will start to take shape in a much more interactive way, rather than the standard brochures that are usually done at meetings and events
  • Enhancing engagement – studies show you have eight seconds to capture someone’s attention. Understanding this fact will lead to a large focus on the best way to engage and network in meetings.

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