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Find out what the big trends are in floral design with Susan Avery Flowers and Event Styling. What are the

Find out what the big trends are in floral design with Susan Avery Flowers and Event Styling.

What are the big trends in floral design at the moment?
The biggest trend at the moment would be with the actual structure of the arrangements. There is a more natural and sculptural look currently on trend and flower  installations are becoming less traditional.
Florists and their clients are investigating more unusual colour and texture combinations to great effect.
Interesting features such as coloured foliage and unique leaves are playing a larger role.

How can you make your floral budget stretch further?
It is good to ask advice from your supplier in terms of your individual event. They can offer alternatives to an initial idea that could cut costs. Their expertise and knowledge of the product options can reduce budgets.
In terms of the venue, it is important to have a look at the space and identify where good focal points are for floral arrangements to make the most use of the budget allowance.
Some areas will be more important visually than others and it would be better to allocate budget to these and remove from the lesser used areas.
Using seasonal flowers is also a sensible way of going about this. A lot of imported product is more expensive and there is usually a good local alternative.

What happens to the flowers after the event?
We recommend providing wrapping products so that guests can take flowers home after the event. Likewise, we offer the option of purchasing the containers rather than hiring so that they can be taken home by guests.

Do you take sustainability into account in your ordering?
We are very lucky to have a lot of flower growers from Sydney at the flower markets which allows us to source local product. This reduces the need for as many imported flowers that have a higher carbon footprint.

Where do you get your inspiration from?
We are surrounded by such amazing and beautiful flowers – the biggest inspiration of all. Colours and combinations spring from nature.
We deal closely with our clients who usually have a concept and expectation when they make contact. Our experience of 30 plus years in the industry allows us to push these ideas even further to fulfil their vision. We find this process inspiring.
Social media plays a part in terms of trends from around the world. We follow florists, artists and designers to keep our approach fresh and up-to-date.

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