Five summer styling trends

Styling trends

Make the most of the last months of summer with these on-trend looks.

Make the most of the last months of summer with these on-trend looks.

1. Feature wallpaper
Flo Bro (aka Florence Broadhurst) prints started the craze and the trend has evolved into full-scale trompe l’oiels.

2. Potplants
Harking back to the ’70s, a collection of contrasting houseplants not only breathe life (literally) into your interiors; they also spruce up your styling look.

3. Australian native florals
Brutalistic banksias, delicate Christmas bush, fluffy gum blossoms and nuts, Gymea lilies and Waratahs form the centrepiece of an exciting trend that blends Australiana with the Japanese floral tradition of ikebana.

4. Rattan furniture
More ’70s inspo right here. Think garden pavilion with cane and rattan feature furniture that wouldn’t be out of place in your Nanna’s sunroom.

5. Fringing and macramé
Weaving and macramé has been (back) around for a while but the combination of natural fibres, neutral tones and rough hewn timber supports add a touch of boho/beach flavour.
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