Event in the spotlight: Long Luncheon at Chin Chin


Tasked with creating a high-end luncheon, JAK Creative & Events delivered with stunning results.

Luxe touches and on-trend colours were the styling highlights at this high-end event at Chin Chin, created by JAK Creative & Events.

Event: High-end luncheon
Location: Chin Chin Upstairs, Melbourne
Number of guests: 45

In September 2019, JAK Creative & Events was tasked with creating an intimate, high-end luncheon event to acknowledge a group of people who had made significant contributions to an association.

The event brief was to amplify the atmosphere of the event space – Chin Chin Upstairs in Melbourne – and deliver a spectacular and super-luxe tablescape installation for the 45 guests in attendance.

The conceptual process began with the design of custom invitations which set the tone for the event aesthetics.

Centrepieces, place cards, menus, floral design and linen coordination comprised the tablescape components, all in soft pink hues with pops of bright, contrasting colours.

chin chin event

“Ensuring the creation would accommodate a large array of share plates without compromising the impact of the design was key to the guest and client experience,” says JAK Creative & Events creative director Kerryn Howell.

“Additional details such as gift packaging and a custom photo wall added the additional chapters to complete the story.”

Howell says all elements of the event, from venue choice to styling, were created with the guest in mind.

“As part of the design process, special consideration was given to the personality and demographic of the guests, as well as the level of personalised detail the client desired to make each guest feel appreciated,” she says.

“Current design trends were also important as guests were fashion forward and responsive to progressive and luxurious ‘on-trend’ environments.”


The client and guests were equally blown away by the event, with the JAK teams receiving positive feedback for all elements of the luncheon.

“Many of the guests attend beautiful events regularly so it’s often a tough crowd, but I had so much incredible feedback about this one!” says Howell.

“They especially loved their little place cards and all took them home as a little keepsake. The small details like the gift bag tags were also a hit and gave the event a really high class finish.”

The client said the event’s success was all in the details, from the colour palette through to the creative place cards.

“I absolutely loved the way it all came together!” the client says.

“The JAK team found such a balance between using the pink as the focus, but the pops of the teal really took the room to the next level.

“I also adored the place card solution. Having the names printed on acrylic discs that sat on each guest’s wine glass was so cute and kept the table really clean and elegant.”

Find out more about how JAK Creative & Events can help bring your event concept to life here.

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