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Looking to take the leap and embrace event technology, but unsure where to start?

Looking to take the leap and embrace event technology, but unsure where to start? Let Entegy’s executive director Graeme Caplen break it down for you. Here he imparts his expertise on how to adopt event tech and shares his insights on how it can take your engagement levels to new heights.
Event technology has evolved by leaps and bounds in recent years and as a result is playing a greater role in the event lifecycle. No longer just trendy or nice-to-have, it is an invaluable tool for event organisers to run better events. However, some event professionals are yet to adopt technology or simply aren’t taking full advantage of what’s on offer. This is due to a variety of misconceptions including: the cost is too high for the event size and budget; it is too complicated to operate and it will make the event experience less personal.
Perhaps you have had a bad experience with outdated technology? Current cloud-based platforms, mobile and web apps mean you don’t need to install anything on your computer or require an IT specialist to operate it. In fact, event technology products are becoming increasingly easy to use without a need for special training.
Are costs holding you back from investing in event technology? The size and scale of your event shouldn’t impact your technology choices. We have worked with event organisers and companies which operate from 1 to over 1000 events in a year. Many are surprised to find they can use sponsorship to offset technology costs and generate additional revenue.
Will technology and automation impersonalise the event experience? It can actually have the opposite effect. Many event professionals find that technology enables them to consistently meet rapidly evolving attendee expectations. Technology that is intuitive and fast can vastly improve the event experience.
Now we have debunked those myths, let’s look at what is proven to work and where to start. Implementing the latest technology or instantly automating all of your otherwise manual processes is not the most effective or efficient approach to adopting event technology.
Having worked with events of all types and sizes, I’ve learnt it’s best to start small; defining your purpose and developing an impressive technology component gradually.

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