‘Don’t give up hope’: A message from an event prof

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Tracy Wood shares a message of encouragement for fellow event profs.

Words by Tracy Wood, director, Funktionality Events and Experiences

What a couple of weeks it’s been! It seems like we just keep getting knocked down again and again.

Funktionality Tracy Wood
Tracy Wood

However, in these harsh times, the thing that has stood out for me is the kindness, compassion and humanity that shines through.

With every well-wish and check-in, my heart warms and the relationships with my clients and suppliers have never been stronger.

Being in the industry for over 32 years, I’ve found myself not only mentoring my team but also many people in the industry going through troubled times.

The year that’s been

For us personally, the New Year brought horrendous bushfires, then floods. Marrickville was flooded, leaving us without internet, email access or phone lines. Gritting our teeth and unable to be deterred, we manually set everything back up using any way possible to keep the business running.

After paying an absurd price to move over to fibre, the upside is we now have extraordinarily fast internet! By then COVID-19 had gained momentum and knocked us down again.

It’s been tough with all the government restrictions and fear leading to many cancellations and events being postponed. Amongst all this anxiety, stress and fear, it is important that we keep each other positive and check in on each other to make sure we’re all alright mentally and physically.

Staying ahead of the curve

Funktionality is keeping up to date and staying ahead of the curve to try to help everyone in whatever way we can. We are all in this together and many of us have been through this before, we can definitely get though it again.

We just need to ride the wave, stay safe and communicate. Use this time for education, personal development and strengthening friendships.

When this is all over, we can build the industry back up again and these relationships will be more important than ever.

We’re in it for the long run! Don’t give up hope now.

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