BridgeClimb takes International Women’s Day to new heights


The event saw female leaders come together for a special bridge climb.

BridgeClimb Sydney took International Women’s Day to new heights with a “Power Climb” featuring professional women who embody courage and lead by example.
The event saw women from a range of fields, such as corporate, sport, entertainment and travel, come together to climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge in recognition of the positive steps women have taken to achieve greatness.

Heidi Dening reaches the summit

Among the participants was Heidi Dening, author and educator on self-leadership; Sharni Williams, Australian rugby union player; Kate Peck, TV presenter and model; Gillian Fox, women’s advancement specialist; Councillor Jess Miller, City of Sydney; Lisa Perkovic, Expedia Group global travel expert and Sarah Harper, BridgeClimb climb operations manager.
Anthea Hammon, co-director of Hammons Holdings which operates the attraction, said the company strives to embrace diversity and enforce positive change in the workplace.
“It’s important that we maintain a culture at BridgeClimb which embraces equality and we take pride as a business in leading by example,” she said.
“We don’t want our team to hear about diversity in a powerpoint presentation; it’s a cultural shift that forms part of how we do business.”
BridgeClimb celebrates IWD

Speaking at the event, Heidi Dening shared her thoughts International Women’s Day.
“It’s a day to unite and embrace resilient women who rise above all adversity and continue to inspire those around them,” she said.
“It’s great to reflect, but also empower courageous self-leaders who are paving the way for change in our workplaces and our world.”
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