Boozy events and luxury resorts: Tales from an event supplier


We quiz one of our A LIST Guide event profs about their most memorable events, and ones they'd rather forget...

Anyone in the industry would agree, being an event supplier or organiser gives you behind-the-scenes access to events and memorable experiences that most people would never see.

Because we love a good story, we caught up with John Stark from Australia Overnight Trucking, who shared some intriguing tales of event mishaps and memorable moments.

What types and sizes of events does Australia Overnight Trucking transport?

We run events from small to large scale and we can transport anything from a spoon to large equipment on a road train.

What’s the most memorable event you’ve delivered?

We once helped with the transport and logistics for a Jewish wedding on Hamilton Island for 600 guests. The bride and groom ordered a road train from Sydney to Hamilton Island. We had to split this into two trailers at the ferry terminal to be able to get on board the boat transfer.

We had one trailer of lights and speakers for the big show they put on for the guests and other was fine dining plates, glasses and cutlery. The team were lucky enough to be put up in luxury suite for four days as celebrations carried on.

The team at Australia Overnight Trucking

Tell us about time when things didn’t quite go as planned?

We know everyone likes to have a drink at an event but on this one occasion, the Champagne was flowing like the Parramatta River in a flood.

We were hired to load the truck and transport it back to the warehouse for this event. As we couldn’t do our job until the client had packed up the event, we had to wait for the client to sober up. Let’s just say, it was a challenge in patience.

What’s one thing people might not know about Australia Overnight Trucking?

We supply staff to help set up and pull down events, we offer storage and after hour deliveries and pickups all over Australia.

Across the street, across the nation, trucking is their occupation.

Find out more about Australia Overnight Trucking here.

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