Autumn event trends: What’s hot and what’s not

Styling trends

The trends we're loving (and not loving) in events this season.

From meaningful corporate gifts to a new style of alcoholic drinks, there’s some exciting event trends on the horizon this autumn.

But with the good comes the bad, and there’s a couple of trends we’d be glad to see the back of.

Going up

Mobile bars

Perfect for off-site events, mobile bars are rolling into corporate events to make drinks service a breeze.

Stock them up with cocktails, beer, wine or even non-alcoholic drinks.


Gifts that give back

If you’re looking for corporate gift ideas, check out Instagram pages @buyfromthebush and @spendwiththem.

They showcase products and gifts from rural businesses affected by drought and the recent bushfires.


Hard seltzer

Get ready to see hard seltzer everywhere in 2020.

A blend of carbonated water, alcohol and fruit flavouring, hard seltzers tend to be low in carbs and calories, making them the up-and-coming drink of choice for the health conscious.


Collaborative events

We love seeing venues and suppliers come together for collaborative showcase events.

The recent Arinex Ambassador Night nailed the concept, with two venues, a cruise operator and entertainment suppliers all coming together for the event.


Going down

Paper handouts

Let’s make 2020 the year paper handouts and printed brochures disappear for good.

With event apps becoming standard at exhibitions and conferences, there’s no need  for printed material.

Carb-loaded buffets

We’re not the type to pass up a pastry or fresh bread roll, but there’s nothing worse than a buffet that’s all carbs and no greens.

Think about adding in some fresh salads or vegetable-based dishes as well.


Poor lighting at gala events

There’s nothing worse than having your photo snapped at a gala or awards night only to be washed out by harsh lighting.

If your lighting is dark, ensure there’s a professional photo area set up nearby with appropriate lighting.


Bad coffee 

It’s 2020; low-budget coffee just won’t cut it for events and conference breaks anymore.




This article was originally published in the autumn edition of Spice Magazine. Read more here.
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